VDT at home - Windows & Mac



  • Login using your Petroplan email and VDT password
  • Click ‘VDT12’
    • This will download a file named “cpub-VDT12-VDT12-CmsRdsh” to your downloads folder
  • Navigate to your downloads file and double click on the PC icon named “cpub-VDT12-VDT12-CmsRdsh
  • MAC - you might need to download "Microsoft Remote Desktop" from the app store!
  • Enter “your email” into the “User name:” field – for example “alex.roberts@petroplan.com”


  • Click “Save As…” and set the name to “VDT12” on your desktop
  • Once saved you can connect to the new VDT from the icon on your desktop


  • You are now connected to the new VDT

Please note the following:

Please report any issues to support@petroplan.com 

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